Update on Vivian Maier: a Book, Exhibition, and Many New Pictures

It has been over a year since the wonderful story about the undiscovered work of photographer Vivian Maier started hitting the web. We wrote back then about the start of the process of developing, scanning and sharing her work with the world.. and discovering who Maier the woman herself was. The man behind this amazing project is John Maloof, who has been periodically updating the blog Vivian Maier – Her Discovered Work, where you can find much more information about his role in this project and more about Maier. Today he posts a wonderful update that catches us up with many exciting developments:

– Maier’s PowerHouse book is in the making with their expected release around Fall of 2011.

– A feature-length documentary film is production – currently spearheaded by good friend Anthony Rydzon and myself.

– Scanned and archived about 10,000 negatives with the help of Anthony Rydzon.

– Vivian’s first solo exhibition will be at the Chicago Cultural Center. Around 80 posthumous prints will be on display including a sample of her color work. It runs from January 7th to the end of April. If you’re in Chicago, stop into the Cultural Center on 78 E. Washington.

Maloof also reveals that he has “a good 90,000 negatives to scan and a few hundred B&W rolls to develop. Not to mention about 600 undeveloped color rolls.” and that he’s learned that “Vivian traveled the world in 1959. She visited and photographed places like Egypt, Bangkok, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Italy, Indonesia…the list goes on”.

Utterly fascinating, one of the coolest photography stories I’ve ever heard. Can’t wait to see these projects come to fruition and to see more of her work.

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    Greetings, please see my new site that just now brings to the public’s attention an additional part of Vivian Maier’s work. Thanks, Jeff

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