The New York Time’s Daphné Anglès on Photojournalism

The New York Times’s photo coordinator for Europe Daphné Anglès recently did a multimedia feature with Canon Europe where she reviewed Photojournalism and Documentary submissions for a feature called “Editor’s Choice 2”. There are many fine images in the ten-minute narrated slideshow, which were submitted by Canon Professional Network members earlier this year. But the best part is what Anglès has to say about the industry and The New York Times’ perspective on photography. For photographers looking to break in to assignment photography and wondering what it takes to get on NYT/International Herald Tribune’s radar (the advice generally applies to the industry at large too), there are plenty of nice insights from Anglès. Well worth watching.

Anglès told CPN that she likes to meet photographers face to face in Paris or at festivals such as Arles and Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, France. “Knowing the human being behind the photos helps me to understand how he or she produces work. The relationship between an editor and a photographer is very important.”

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