Retraction: No ban on dSLRs in Kuwait

Thanks to our reader moayad for pointing out that the Kuwait Times has retracted their story about the ban on dSLR cameras in Kuwait (which we wrote about here). There were no other sources for the story, though it was widely reported, and the Kuwait Times now says the story was just a rumor. There is more information here if you can read it. There is no ban on dSLR cameras in Kuwait.

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    […] UPDATE Nov. 27, 2010: There is no ban. The story has been retracted. […]

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    […] ShareFor a few years now I’ve been aware of the often funny and important website Regret the Error, which analyzes and responds to the year in journalism’s errors, corrections, retractions and apologies. The year is Crunks 2010: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections and features errors from big events as well as geek-driven corrections that we’ve come to expect from a life in balanced fact-driven journalism. We ourselves at dvafoto had to recently extend a retraction to a story about a Kuwaiti ban on D-SLRs. You can see the original post and the retraction. […]

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