Meet Your Favorite Photobloggers

Last week our good friend Pete Brook, creator of the must-read Prison Photography blog and now lead photo blogger himself at Wired Magazine’s Raw File, published a post for Wired: “Get to Know Our Favorite Photobloggers”. Scott and I are excited to be included in their list, which includes a series of small interviews and portraits of some of the best and most important reads on the photoblog scene. So in case you were ever curious what we (the “Wide-Eyed Young Photojournalists”) looked like (or Joerg Colberg or Rachel Hulin for that matter) or how we all got started writing on the internet, have a look at the post.
Matt Lutton (l) and M Scott Brauer (r)
The best part is that I’ve been introduced to a number of great websites and writers that I honestly hadn’t encountered before. Brook reports that this is the same for other people featured. I can only hope this helps to spur more communication and innovation in this “community of photobloggers”. I’m enjoying what I’ve seen from all of these sites this week and I’m sure you’ll see us mention their work in the future as we follow their writing and posts.

We don’t think much about where dvafoto fits in to any scene nor do we cater our content to any strict dimensions, but to be included amongst the websites that we read often for inspiration and balance is an honor. Don’t expect any radical changes as dvafoto grows (it has been an exciting year) but keep watching, we’ll continue to push.

The Wired post is worth reading for all of the interviews and info from all the people involved, but I thought I’d put a cheat-sheet of all the sites they list for your convenience:

Of course, you can always find our curated list of the great blogs and websites we follow over on the sidebar or in our visual presentation of “The Talent”.

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