Flak Photo’s 100 Portraits 100 Photographers

Andy Adams, publisher of the ever-popular and intriguing website FlakPhoto.com, has recently teamed up with curator and Indie Photobook Library creator Larissa Leclair to create an exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC as part of FotoWeek DC 2010. They selected 100 portraits by 100 photographers who have been featured on Flak Photo, and the entire exhibition is available on his website.

Of course there is plenty of diversity and plenty of work to debate with friends, but on the whole I think it is an interesting selection of contemporary portrait photography. I’m also happy to see some photographers whose work I’ve been admiring lately, including Molly Landreth (who we interviewed earlier this year), Daniel Shea, Phillip Toledano, Rafal Milach, Shen Wei and Mikhail Subotzky.

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