Advice to aspiring webcomic writers


A scene that celebrates itself has nothing to celebrate

The affirmation of your work by your friends in a small scene means nothing. No one is going to tell you that your work is bad to your face and risk being ostracised. Seek the widest audience for your work, if that’s what you want, then ask yourself why things are or aren’t working. -John Allison, “A Manifesto for UK Indie Comics in 2010


John Allison has a short 10-point manifesto to aspiring webcomic authors in the UK, but it might as well be aimed at freelance photographers. It’s a lot of straight talk about why clinging on to past ways will not work going forward. Works well as a companion piece to Chip Litherland’s Open Letter to Newspaper Photographers that we wrote about yesterday.

(via MeFi)

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