Vote for “Small Concrete Boxes: Inside China’s Zoos” in the Viewbook Photo Story competition

M. Scott Brauer - Small Concrete Boxes: Inside China's Zoos at Viewbook Photostory

My story, “Small Concrete Boxes: Inside China’s Zoos,” has made it through the intial screening for the Viewbook Photo Story competition. The submissions are now open to vote, and I would appreciate your vote for my work. You can vote for more than one project in the competition. The vote button is below the main image box on the main story page.

About the story:

The animals are in cages that are too small. Weather conditions are inhospitable to many of the tropical animals on display. And the food supply is generally inadequate; visitors often throw junkfood into the trash-strewn pens. While all is not lost–in Hefei, a large city in Anhui Province, for instance, the tigers have been moved to a large, open-air habitat. Many other animals in Hefei and elsewhere throughout China, from Sanya in the far south to Beijing in the north, remain locked in their small concrete boxes. –Small Concrete Boxes

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