UK’s InternAware advocates fair pay for interns

Payment for internships in the media world is a sore subject in the US. Witness the flap over the internship for James Nachtwey last December. Earlier in my photography career, I completed one unpaid internship and three paid internships (one of which is no longer paid). A UK-based group, InternAware, has taken up the helm across the pond, advocating on behalf of prospective interns for fair pay in internships. Their central argument, among others, is a reasonable one: working for no pay unfairly excludes all but the wealthy from participating in internships. The rebuttal, of course, and the path I took myself, is that interns can and should work and save money prior to an internship.

Wherever you may fall on this issue, I’m interested to see an organized and concerted effort to change the world of internships. Their approach looks good, too, taking on all fronts of the issue: they’re talking with government officials, social justice organizations, employers, and individuals looking for internships.

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3 Responses to “UK’s InternAware advocates fair pay for interns”

  1. Hernan Zenteno

    The reasonable argument you mention is the first that comes to my mind. More explicit words were put in an old lightstalkers post about this. I am very far from internship taking in account my 43 years old. But something i knew in my past experience is that some people can’t afford an internship without a pay to eat or living.

  2. Ben Lyons

    Late to this blog – but thanks for the kind words.

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