TSA warns public that photographers are terrorists

TSA poster - from Carlos Miller

This has been making the rounds, but if you haven’t seen it, you need to. Carlos Miller spotted a new US Transportation Security Administration poster that depicts a photographer as a terrorist watchman alongside a warning: “Don’t let our planes get into the wrong hands.” It’s laughable, but it will make it even more difficult for photographers to exercise their rights in taking pictures of public places, things, and people. APhotoEditor has a good roundup of basic readings on the law regarding photography in the US, and you should also be familiar with and have a copy of attorney Bert P. Krage’s handout, The Photographer’s Right.

2 Responses to “TSA warns public that photographers are terrorists”

  1. Wimpie

    In ancient times, when a nation was threatened by an enemy, the leaders would arm all the citizens and order them to defend their farms and lands. This continued, even in the United States, up until the end of World War II.

    Now, a nation feels safe only if its citizens are helpless. Next thing you know, Al Qaeda will walk in here armed only with a spoon and take over the whole country.

  2. Soy fotógrafo, no un terrorista en ALTFoto (Actualidad)

    […] medios de transporte de los Estados Unidos y no tuvo mejor idea que colocar por los aeropuertos un cartel en el que se ve a una persona haciendo fotograf√≠as a los aviones. El mensaje del cartel dice […]

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