Photo Competition Bill of Rights

“[S]ome organisations don’t want to pay you for rights to use your work and take steps to obtain them from you for nothing. How is is this done? Simply by running a competition, or an appeal. Firstly they ask you to send your creative works, such as photographs, to the competition.” -from the introduction to the photo competition Bill of Rights

You’ve probably seen our contest deadline calendar. There are a lot of contests and calls for entry that we do not include because they are bad deals for photographers. Maybe the terms and conditions (it’s always deep in the fine print) grant the organization worldwide perpetual use of all photos entered, or maybe the rules preclude future sales of the image, or maybe they force an unreasonable embargo on usage of the image. These rights grabs are a dime a dozen. I’ve sent plenty of emails out to contest organizers trying to get rules clarifications, and some respond well.

Now, Pro-Imaging has taken up the initiative to standardize photo contest terms and conditions in a way that is both useful to the competition organizer and favorable to photographers who enter the competition. Their Bill of Rights is welcome addition to the contest scene, and I hope more more contest organizers integrate the Bill of Rights in their calls for entry.

For you photographers out there, before you enter a contest, be sure to read the terms and conditions and compare them against this Bill of Rights.

(via the Click)

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