Tomas van Houtryve experiments with alternative funding of photojournalism


“…it is now quite easy to find quality photojournalism without ever picking up a newspaper or magazine. Unfortunately, not nearly as much innovation has taken place to fund these photo stories as has taken place to display them. Aside from obtaining a grant (or taking on a side job), there are very few ways to replace the funding that major news organizations once provided to cover conflict, foreign affairs and investigative stories.” –Tomas van Houtryve

Tomas van Houtryve, whose work we love, has an interesting post about experimenting with alternative funding sources for his photojournalism. Magazine funding has dried up, so he’s using his websites and online services such as PayPal and Flattr to solicit donations as a way to fund his long-term documentary work. Others, such as Molly Landreth, have also had success raising funds with kickstarter. I’ll be interested to see the results.

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Update (by ML, 9/14): We just added a Flattr button to this and an older post where we featured van Houtryve’s amazing project from North Korea. As you can see, it is unobstrusive and very easy for bloggers to add the button to posts featuring someone else’s work. An exciting development, can’t wait to see where this may lead.

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