Worth a Look: Canadian Airshow Crash Pictures

I’ve said before that the long version of my life story (i.e. why I am a photographer, and why I’m interested in Russia and Eastern Europe) owes everything to the movie Top Gun. From four years old through high school I dreamed of being a fighter pilot, in the F-14 if I could make it happen. Things went a different way of course, but sometimes they overlap again: on Friday a Canadian CF-18 crashed during practice for an Alberta airshow. The pilot ejected and is reportedly fine. But the crash produced some tremendous video and some even more incredible still images shot by Lethbridge Herald photographer Ian Martens. Unbelievable.

Of course as a photographer who has a lifelong fascination with jet planes I have an eye out for this kind of picture. I’ll never forget this horrifying video of a Ukrainian crash into a crowd of spectators nor this award-winning image of an American F-16 pilot ejecting shot by USAF Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III. Both are slightly more dramatic than today’s footage from Alberta but its incredible to see such images again. Dangerous business.

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