Dvafoto Gallery: Zeljko Naic’s “Childhood”

by Zeljko Naic

These images were made during two years of therapy that I have prescribed myself, in order to release the tensions and deal with complexes haunting me since I was a child. My first memories are of colorful balloons that I was playing with and a black dog’s nose sniffing my face. I also remember a man in soldier’s uniform leaning over my cradle.

My father left us when I was eight years old. My mother, trying to bring food to the table, worked low-payed jobs long after her retirement. But she could not replace him in every respect. Many things I have learned the hard way, or have never learned. When I was sixteen, the war came. Society collapsed.

Once again I felt abandoned, this time by my fatherland. People suddenly became strangers, caring only about the barest survival. The first casualty was morality, and future became irrelevant. Not that I blame them, really. They didn’t know better.

Without proper guidance, without a role model youths can only do so much with their lives. And the accumulated incapacity of individuals to make significant progress can only form a retarded society. I need to further explore these problems on both my personal and societal levels, in order to find catharsis and be able to better bring up my own children.

Today we introduce a new feature, the Dvafoto Galleries. In addition to linking to photos we find around the world that we have decided to publish some of this work directly on Dvafoto, soon in a special section of the site. The first in this series is my good friend Zeljko Naic. His work stands out in the exciting Belgrade photo community because of how extremely personal and long-term his commitment is to the work. We hope you enjoy it and leave any reactions or comments below

2 Responses to “Dvafoto Gallery: Zeljko Naic’s “Childhood””

  1. Sean

    Some excellent work by Zeljko Naic there! I like the balloon / child theme that runs through the sequence and I don’t know if it due to the resolotion of the images or the film Naic uses, but I like the grain also.

    I am sure you could do a whole blog on photography from Belgrade. It is one of the most incredible places I visited, a few times now and hopefully again soon.

    Best, Sean.

  2. Matt G.

    Very glad to have discovered both DVAFOTO and Zeljko! I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer always seeking to learn more about the craft. Clearly, this is a fine resource. I enjoyed Zeljko’s images–great honestly and art there.



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