Worth a look: Andrew McConnell’s “The Last Colony”

Andrew McConnell - The Last Colony

Andrew McConnell‘s The Last Colony intrigues me. About the politics and injustices of colonization in Western Sahara, the essay covers a topic that would traditionally be the purview of a black and white documentary approach, but addresses it with highly-produced portraiture that you’d expect to see in the pages of a business magazine. The dissonance between subject and style is arresting and a breath of fresh air.

(thanks to Daniel Etter for cluing us in to the work)

2 Responses to “Worth a look: Andrew McConnell’s “The Last Colony””

  1. Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad

    I think the appropriate description is “the Last Calumny”. The Western Sahara issue facing the unionist sahraoui belonging to Morocco and the separatist sahraouis backed and supported by Algeria is one of the big political lie of the humanity. It’s too much how the conflict history was diverted from its original version. The Moroccans were tooooooo bad to defend their legitimacy on the Western Sahara region. The Polisario Front (separatists) is one the last calumny in Africa. I wish I could shooting this injustice to the UN and around the world. There were too many lies and the socialist and communist international community is blind for some political reasons !!


    Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad
    Unionist Western Saharawi

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