Remembering Dennis Hopper’s photography

Dennis Hopper, who has acted in many films I hold dear and who recently passed away, was a pretty great artist. His photos, beautiful black and white work from 1960s Los Angeles, has been collected and shown quite a bit and will be the centerpiece of the inaugural show this summer at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. There are quite a few of his photos on artnet and Taschen has published a collection, Dennis Hopper, Photographs 1961-1967. While the work often delves into the trap of celebrity photographers (behind the scenes of movies, famous people goofing around), there’s an obvious control of light and composition evident in Hopper’s work. The Guardian and the LA Times have recently discussed his photos. APhotoStudent recently looked into his work, and the Wooster Collective featured a video on Hopper’s photos, as well (update: thanks for those links, Matt).

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  1. Matt Lutton

    Thanks for posting, I’ve been meaning to share some of the links I’ve seen come out about Hopper’s art lately. Here are a couple more: Aphotostudent shows some pictures and a great New York Magazine interview with him: and Wooster Collective has a video interview about his work:

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