Worth a look: California is a Place

Big Vinny from California is a place. on Vimeo.

While in Korea last week for a shoot, I got to enjoy unrestricted access to the internet, which let me catch up on some videos I’d been meaning to watch. One project I’m glad I got to see is “California is a Place,” a collaboration between filmmaker Drea Cooper and photographer Zackary Canepari. Four videos (in all? so far?) cover topics as diverse as scraper bikes, the Mexican border, a resurgence of pool skating, and the life of a car salesman–they’re all tied together by a place, namely California. At times quirky, at times poignant, the videos are beautifully shot and give the viewer a glimpse into a California I feel like I forgot about. Really worth a watch.

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  1. Jeremy M. Lange

    thanks for the tip on the California series. The pool one is close to my heart, we build our own wooden ones and clean the occasional abandoned as well.
    The video is well done, thoughtful, which can be rare in skateboard themed videos, especially ones made by those who do not skate, which may or may not be the case here, but it doesn’t matter, they are a pleasure to watch.
    Viva unrestricted internet
    Be well

    • M. Scott Brauer

      I know what you mean. That video has such a good feeling. It’s like seeing a really great band that makes you want to drop everything and get a guitar; the video makes me wonder why I’m wasting my time not being out there skating pools.

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  3. Jeremy M. Lange

    You are welcome to come to NC to skate with us anytime.
    Room and board is covered.


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