Worth a Look: Aaron Huey’s TED Talk

Photographer Aaron Huey has been doing great stories for years, especially with his work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In this recent TED talk he describes the long lines of history and bad faith that has led to what he calls the genocide of the Sioux people in and around Pine Ridge, alongside a slideshow of his work. Affecting, and shows the great lengths journalism and informed photographers can go.

(h/t Melissa Lyttle and APAD)

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    […] has a lot of interesting speakers, and a good collection of photographer speeches. DVAfoto pointed me out to Aaron Huey’s recent TED talk about the Lakotah tribe in the Black Hills. It […]

  2. Raju

    Hi, had read the book on wounded knee long ago, amazing to connect to it again via Aarons photo show.

  3. kusta

    I am from South Africa, I can relate to this talk.The native Indians and African challenges are the same. we got to be strong and fight these oppressors. They might have changed the playing fields but we shall overcome. The time has come for people to fight for what belongs to them.As the speaker puts it nicely “The last chapter in any successful genocide is the one in which the oppressor can remove their hands and say, My God, what are these people doing to themselves, they’re killing each other, they’re killing themselves while we watch them die.” never succumb to doing that

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    […] am very embarrassed to say that did not look very hard when my buddy Matt Lutton linked to Aaron Huey’s  TED talk last May.  Mr. Huey’s pictures are striking.  He uses them […]

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