The Magnum Foundation’s Emergency Fund

I just got word of a new series of grants put together by the Magnum Foundation, which is the non-profit arm of Magnum Photos. They sponsor programs previously noted: the Emerging Photographer Grant, the Inge Morath award and the Young Photographer in the Caucasus award. The new program is called the Emergency Fund, and their press release really says it best so I’m including it here. I’ll just say that this is very exciting news, terrific for Magnum and all the photographers awarded!

From Magnum Foundation:

NEW YORK, NY – The Magnum Foundation has committed more than $100,000 to support experienced photographers working to document critical issues that have been overlooked or underrepresented by mainstream media.

The 2010 Emergency Fund photographers will tackle issues of local, national, or global concern, with preference given to projects carried out in anticipation of, rather than in response to, a crisis. Selected projects include an examination of homelessness on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh; an in-depth look at coming of age amidst the HIV epidemic in Swaziland; and a non-embedded perspective on the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The 2010 Emergency Fund Photographers are: Christopher Anderson; Jonas Bendiksen; Cedric Gerbehaye; Bruce Gilden; Saiful Huq Omi; Sohrab Hura; Krisanne Johnson; Alex Majoli; Karen Mirzoyan; Dominic Nahr; Simon Norfolk; Louie Palu; Paolo Pellegrin; Gilles Peress; Eugene Richards; Larry Towell; Shehab Uddin; Geert van Kesteren; Kadir van Lohuizen; and Wang Yishu.

Other projects explore intertribal relations in Kenya, foreclosures in America, and climate change in Asia. In addition to the 16 projects the Foundation has committed to funding, it maintains a roster of photographers to address situations as they arise.

The Magnum Foundation was created to sustain the field of independent documentary photography for a new generation of photographers. The Emergency Fund supports photographers to produce independent projects and to partner with advocacy, human rights, and humanitarian organizations to engage targeted audiences and reach a broad public. The photographers are represented by a wide variety of agencies that distribute their work through editorial and other channels.

A group of 10 photography professionals nominated 100 photographers to submit proposals. The recipients were selected—based on the strength of their work and the importance of the issues they proposed to address—by an independent Editorial Board comprised of: Bob Dannin, former editorial director of Magnum Photos and professor of history at Suffolk University; renowned author Philip Gourevitch; Marc Kusnetz, former senior producer for NBC News and consultant for Human Rights First; Susan Meiselas, photographer and president of the Magnum Foundation; and Amy Yenkin, director of the Documentary Photography Project at the Open Society Institute.

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