Smoke on the Water: New pictures of oil rig fire

Talking Points Memo has an amazing gallery of US Department of Energy photos of the last moments of Deepwater Horizon oil rig after an explosion and fire. This is the event that has led to a massive oil spill and threat to the Gulf of Mexico coastlines.

Apparently the images were just released by the US government, I wonder about the delay and how these images have come out now. I’ll update if I hear anything more about this.

2 Responses to “Smoke on the Water: New pictures of oil rig fire”

  1. David

    This seems like the most under-played story of the month, I couldn’t even find it on the front of this morning.

    It could easily swing to sensationalism, but right now I don’t see any independent investigation just parroting of government press conferences and company press releases.

    Please, prove me wrong.

  2. Andy Levin

    The explosion pictures were in the Times Picayune as small thumbnails a few weeks ago….but I agree with you, no one in the industrial military complex wants to promote what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico…..

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