Reporting from Bangkok, on Twitter

There are a lot of photographs and even more information flowing out of Bangkok these days but I wanted to share some of what I’ve come across. While much has been said about the “power of twitter” in the wake of recent big events (Iran, Kyrgyzstan, etc.) I must say that it is proving itself useful time and again for me to keep up with ‘developing’ stories.

Leading the charge in my consumption of Thai news this week has been the indomitable Yumi Goto, who clued me into the tweets of (terrific) photographers Agnes Dherbeys (see her website) and my friend Kosuke Okahara (see his website). Also providing a barrage of harrowing front-line reporting is journalist Andrew Marshall who is tweeting as Journotopia. While complete (more or less) news accounts in newspapers are essential to understanding more of the story on any given day, the short bursts of information that come from multiple sources on the ground at the same time is fascinating and enlightening.

Though these tweets I found this first hand account of photographing a group of red shirts being shot at by government troops by photographer Nick Nostitz. He said of the battle he photographed yesterday: “Sitting here at home, I wonder if this day, the 15th of May, has been real, or just a terrible nightmare. Never in my whole life have I been so scared. I thought that I am going to die today.” Nostitz’s report is another incredible story of being very close to violence and war, I definitely recommend reading whether or not you think you’ll ever be in a similar situation.

I hope everyone reporting from Thailand this week stays safe, I’ll keep my eye out for your photographs and reports. There have already been injured and wounded journalists and reports of targeting of journos. I wish them a speedy recovery.

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