Dirty computer joke makes it into NYT photo

NYT scan via Geekosystem

A dirty Unix joke made it into a photo in the May 11 New York Times story about a group of programmers working to compete against facebook with an eye toward privacy and openness. Let this be a reminder to photographers to always check their backgrounds. Admittedly, this is hard to notice for the untrained eye.

The seemingly ordinary Unix operating system commands down the left side of the photo: “TOUCH GREP UNZIP MOUNT FSCK FSCK FSCK UMOUNT.” Each is a command that will work on most Unix operating systems, including OSX, but most users have no familiarity with them; taken in this order and without operators and files to make the commands valid, the sequence vaguely resembles the order of a sexual encounter. The photo is still visible on the website accompanying the article, albeit with the joke cropped out.

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