Worth a read: Picture editor at large Mike Davis’ blog

You should be reading Mike Davis’ blog if you aren’t already. Now a freelance editor, Davis started at the Albuquerque Tribune and has worked for numerous books, the White House, the Oregonian and National Geographic; his awards are too many to name and he’s edited the winning entries of many top awards numerous times. In short, the guy knows what he’s doing. His blog now serves as a sort of oracle into the process of picture editing, and it’s full of practical advice. The posts are varied–there are interviews with photographers he’s worked with (here’s one with Matt Slaby on creating long term bodies of work (Slaby previously interviewed on dvafoto)), discussions of compositional theory, ideas behind how bodies of work should be edited, career advice, and on and on. Bookmark it, subscribe to the RSS feed, read it every day.

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  1. Mike Davis

    Matt and Scott,
    Thank you for the kind words.
    I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. You offer great perspective and surprising topics.

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