Worth a look: VII magazine

VII Magazine

The photo agency/collective VII has unveiled a new online project dubbed VII Magazine. There’s a bit of content up already, including an interview with Jessica Dimmock, a presentation of Marcus Bleasdale’s fashion work for New York magazine, Ron Haviv’s recent coverage of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, a look inside Christopher Morris’ book My America (previously interviewed here at dvafoto), John Stanmeyer’s coverage of fires in the Amazon, and more.

2 Responses to “Worth a look: VII magazine”

  1. joe

    nothing new really magnum has been doing this for ages on slate http://todayspictures.slate.com/20100414/ but vii has taken it to a new level. so are agencys the new publishes ?

    • M. Scott Brauer

      Can’t find it now, but I seem to remember talks with a few Magnum people (maybe the administrators, rather than the photographers) about finding a model that doesn’t rely on newspapers and magazines for publishing, i.e. the agency becoming the publisher. Hard to see how it will work, but people are working on that.

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