Pete Brook looks into the visual coverage of the death of Fabienne Cherisma

© Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star

It came without warning, it was unexpected. Her death – resulting not from nature’s violence but from human action – stands out from other deaths as a particular injustice; Fabienne’s killing is salt in the wounds. While tens of thousands lay obscured beneath rubble, she lay limp and exposed on a bare roof-top. The image itself is an affront. –Pete Brook

You need to read this. Pete Brook has been doggedly pursuing the death of Fabienne Cherisma in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, particularly emphasizing the circumstances of the event’s visual representation in the global media. The series, now 15 parts all linked below, starts with an initial interest stemming from a single image and eventually grows to encompass interviews and analysis from many of the at least 15 photographers who covered the events before, during, and after Cherisma’s death. Read it all:

  • Part One: Fabienne Cherisma (Initial inquiries, Jan Grarup, Olivier Laban Mattei)
  • Part Two: More on Fabienne Cherisma (Carlos Garcia Rawlins)
  • Part Three: Furthermore on Fabienne Cherisma (Michael Mullady)
  • Part Four: Yet more on Fabienne Cherisma (Linsmier, Nathan Weber)
  • Part Five: Interview with Edward Linsmier
  • Part Six: Interview with Jan Grarup
  • Part Seven: Interview with Paul Hansen
  • Part Eight: Interview with Michael Winiarski
  • Part Nine: Interview with Nathan Weber
  • Part Ten: Interview with James Oatway
  • Part Eleven: Interview with Nick Kozak
  • Part Twelve: Two Months On (Winiarski/Hansen)
  • Reporter Rory Carroll Clarifies Some Details
  • Part Fourteen: Interview with Alon Skuy
  • Part Fifteen: Conclusions
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