Asim Rafiqui on the iPad

“I cringe when I realize the price I must pay and I falter at the doorsteps of magazine editors, stutter during discussions of ‘hot’ and ‘popular’ stories that I think will sell, remain silent about the personally exciting ones that I know will be met with derision, trip over purchasing technical toys that can transport me into the world of the modern digital photographer. People see me as old-fashioned, somehow out of touch and intentionally difficult. But they are wrong. I crave not the trappings of modern possessions, but the possession of modern thoughts and ideas. The latter I can’t reveal on the slide show option of the iPad.” -Asim Rafiqui in “Condemned To Obscurity Or A Personal Perspective On The iPad

Asim Rafiqui has a nice perspective on the hubbub surrounding the media’s adoption of the iPad platform.

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