Worth a Look: Jon Lowenstein in Haiti

Noor Images has just published Jon Lowenstein’s essay from Haiti, titled Aftershock Haiti.

What do you think of this series? Of course, he has photographed in a radically different way than what I have seen before from Haiti, but also the content of the images seems more considered to me. But of course it is a risky thing to photograph a “news” story in such a “limited” way. It has an interesting effect, and I wonder how the photographs will “age” and if they’re viewed as a photo trick or not. I don’t think so, I think it adds something to the scene, but I couldn’t explain how nor really justify myself, and I doubt that I would have done the same in the situation. I’m curious what you all think, please leave a comment.

Furthermore, I think it is very interesting to look at this image in the context of the photo and caption that come before it in the slideshow, where Lowenstein wrote “Haitian National Police gather a group of ‘looters’ or ‘salvagers’ and confront them. In some of these instances the looters are shot, but in many cases they are let go, especially when Western media are present.” The effect of the film in this picture, on top of a cameraman, interestingly plays into the role of the media in this scene and in this story. How much of this was due to cameras (an idea we batted around in earlier posts) and is this even a bad thing in this circumstance? Very interesting work.

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