Worth a Look: Baldomero Fernandez’s Middletown

I am tied up in a love-hate relationship with the American landscape and civilization.

(c) Baldomero Fernandez
Socialdocumentary.net has a presentation of Baldomero Fernandez’s project Middletown.
I like this selection a lot, an interesting mix of documentary ‘style’ and more recent medium format aesthetics. Intriguing work, I want to see more.

One Response to “Worth a Look: Baldomero Fernandez’s Middletown”

  1. John M

    Just went through Middletown. Felt a lot like home. Actually, it felt like driving across the country during a depressing mid-January. It doesn’t feel like Havre. Ruffles and Pickles are pretty extreme. I can’t help imagining a plate stacked with burgers outside the frame.
    In several frames it feels like stereotypical D. Lange, but digital. Especially here (http://socialdocumentary.net/exhibit/Baldomero_Fernandez/686) When the 16 photos are taken as a whole, less so.
    Even the Rose in Fridge conveys a nostalgic attempt to hold onto a piece of something nice, and doesn’t offer much for the future.
    So I guess, I’m just not that down on small towns at this moment. I keep discovering community resources, and silly little things people do to be together. In a few days I’ll be back to moping about small town life.

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