Stanley Greene’s Black Passport

Have a look at the “trailer” for Stanley Greene’s new book Black Passport, a deeply personal journal of life and a career in conflict. Or perhaps it is, as compiled by Teun van der Heijden, a biography.

(click here to see original on youtube)

I had a chance to meet the man and see his book in Paris in November, it is a fascinating document from a dedicated photographer deserving time and respect.

(h/t Nathalie Belayche)

  1. Whoa! That’s intense. I’m kind of exhausted now.


  2. To echo Scott, wow.
    I saw the beginnings of this project in NOLA when we were working at Mardi Gras 360 together, but had no idea how it would turn out.
    Looks amazing and glaringly honest. Not that I would expect any less. Can’t wait to see it.


  3. joe says:

    Matt can you give us some more details on the format of the book ?

    That video was insane, but then covering war for 20 years will do that do you.


  4. Matt Lutton says:

    Joe, it’s a pretty reasonable size, a bit larger than would fit in a pocket. Photo-eye, where you can buy the book ( says about 7×9″


  5. Lars says:

    For European market you can look at the website of the leading publisher of this title:

    The book is 17 x 22,5 cm (6,7 x 8,8 inch)
    Paperback with (passport-like) round edges, passport-like cover material
    288 pages, with approx. 200 pictures in full colour and duotone


  6. It’s the one of the best videos I have ever seen! JUST GREAT!
    Wish to have that book!


  7. Andrea says:

    Do you know if it’s possible to buy somewhere the trailer? Maybe it’s inside the book… I really would like to have it.
    Thank you very much.


  8. Susankinds says:

    Bonjour, Polite to yoke you, I am Susan


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