Matt Lutton’s Year in Pictures

2009 was my first real year of living and working in Serbia and it was wrought with more questions than answers. I’m still trying to figure out what last year was and what the next will bring, in terms of life and my photos. But I think these pictures may show some of what this was about for me, my relationship to friends and strangers, places and stories. These are not just my “best” pictures but include many more personal. A visual taste of my year. And I’m ecstatic to be back for another take.

Of course, I am a month past due with this in part to recovering from the holidays stateside and setting up everything here for 2010. I’ll have much more to share in the near future on what’s new these days, including projects, collaborations and websites. As always you can see my work at and dig through my archive (and buy pictures!) at

Thanks for keeping up with my work and supporting us here at Dvafoto. Happy New Year!

8 Responses to “Matt Lutton’s Year in Pictures”

  1. Jane Chambers

    Awsome pictures it takes a special person to do what you do and to let the world see through your eyes (camera) very proud of you. You are that special person.

  2. colleen cummins

    Lovely pics u did good in the past year

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