Introducing the new

We’re starting off the new year with a bang here at dvafoto. If you’re reading through the rss feeds, pop on over to the real deal to see the excitement. In addition to some exciting upcoming posts, we’ve completely redesigned the site.

You’ll notice the overall visual changes first. While the old site (image 2 in the slideshow above) was good enough, it was a stock wordpress template and has been popping up all over the place of late. It was cluttered, didn’t utilize the full width of modern computers, and was beginning to look dated. Mostly, I was just tired of it and thought I could do something that fit our visual content better. We also wanted a way to highlight posts from our archive.

Blogging is inherently a medium controlled by time, and that prevents old content from being newly discovered, regardless of whether it’s still relevant and interesting. Central to the new design, but hopefully not obtrusive to the site’s core purpose, we’ve added boxes with a random selection of photos and posts from our archive. You’ll see a couple such boxes in the main content flow on the front page, there’s one at the bottom of every individual post page, including this one, and there’s one on our 404 error page.

We’ve also incorporated Lens Blog-inspired image galleries, as you’ll see at the top of this post, in upcoming posts, and in a few in the archive, such as this post of my photos from the Rocky Boy Powwow in Montana. Rather than using a flash solution for the galleries, I integrated a jquery tool called Scrollable to use the customized rewrite of the existing wordpress gallery functionality. The result is a google-friendly sliding photo gallery easily managed in wordpress.

dvafoto Visual Archive - a random selection of photos from the archive of

Also in the interest of making our archive and links more accessible and useful, we’ve published a few new pages that I think you’ll find useful. First, we have The Talent, a list of photographers/agencies/collectives/magazines we follow which previously resided in the sidebar. The list is available visually, which pulls a random selection from our links and displays screenshots of the websites, or in a full text list. We’ve also published a Visual Archive of all of our previous posts that feature photos. The list is randomly generated from our history of posts.

And, looking to increase reader involvement in the blog and find interesting projects worth mentioning, we’ve created a submissions page. You can always get in touch with us using the emails in the sidebar, matt at dvafoto dot com or scott at dvafoto dot com, and hopefully a more prominent call for submissions will get more viewers to our readers’ work.

from matt: Huge thanks and compliments to Scott for doing all of the behind-the-scenes work on this new design. He does a wonder at coding (hire him if you need help!) and I’m ecstatic with the new site and what we have planned for the near future. Also note: the word Двафото under our logo on the left is the name of the site in Russian and Serbian, in case you were curious!

4 Responses to “Introducing the new”

  1. Gianfranco Tripodo

    Guys, congratulations for the new dvafoto!
    I really like the changes you made, eventhought I have to get use to them! I appreciate immensly the work you’ve been doing during this time with this blog, always a source of inspiration. keep on!

  2. Jeremy M. Lange

    Very, very nice. Clean, easy to find what you may, or may not, be looking for, allows for discovery.
    Thanks you two, for keeping this ongoing and fresh.
    Looking forward to what the new year, and design, brings to us all.

  3. trent

    looks great. congrats on the new look.

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