From the mailbag: Two-Way Lens

Oliver Weber wrote in to tell us about Michael Werner‘s interesting interview project, Two-Way Lens. Weber wrote:


Two Way Lens is a project of interviews with international, contemporary photographers. Their answers to three simple questions about their career paths, presented in this project, should help, inspire and inform emerging photographers. The tips and advice provided will be of value to every young photographer. A new photographer/ interview is added to the project every month.

The interviews are short and sweet, but have some good information. Among those interviewed: Zoe Strauss, Richard Renaldi, Martin Parr, Lori Nix, Alec Soth, and Amy Stein.

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  1. Christian Siebold Photography | Fotograf M√ľnchen + Fotograf Frankfurt

    Thanks for the interview project. Hopefully, there will be photographers with different priorities.

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