Deadline extended: Magenta Flash Forward 2010 – Jan. 17

As has sometimes happened in previous years, so many people tried to submit at once on the day of the deadline that some of them could not get through, or experienced random errors.

In order to ease the crunch and allow everyone who has been trying to submit to get their work in, the deadline has been extended to Jan 17, 2010. –Magenta

Magenta’s Flash Forward 2010 deadline has been extended to January 17, 2010.  Good to hear if you missed the deadline.  The contest is open to “All photographers in Canada, the UK and the US, 34 years of age and under….”  Our calendar has been updated.  Here’s the 2009 list of winners, which includes plenty of familiar names.  Also, in addition to the yearly Flash Forward competition, Magenta plans a bi-annual Flash Forward Festival, the first of which will happen in October 2010.

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