Worth a look: Jonathan Bjerg Møller’s “Bangladesh is Drowning”

Jonathan Bjerg Møller - Bangladesh is Drowning

An old acquaintance, Jonathan Bjerg Møller, wrote to say Danish daily Politiken (wiki) had published his long-term project on Bangladesh, and the results are a fascinating view into the country’s current situation, focusing especially on the effects of Hurricane Aila on the poverty-stricken, overpopulated country. Take a look at all six parts of the project: Nature’s Laboratory, Aila’s Victims, The Village Without Men, The Slum A Lawyer Owns, The Town That Disappeared, and Why Bangladesh is Drowning. Lots to see here, but well worth the time. Jonathan Bjerg Møller‘s dedication to the story is evident, and it’s great to see the piece given a decent treatment online. Would love to see it in print. And while you’re at it, check out Møller’s portfolio site.

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