Worth a look: Best Photos of 2009 and the Decade

New York Times - 2009 Year in Pictures

I won’t try to keep up with the Photos of Year roundups like I did last year. Thankfully, the Visual Student (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) and Fimoculous have compiled their own lists of varying media organizations’ “best of the year/decade” packages. There’s a lot to see, and I certainly won’t look at all of them myself. Of those I have seen, my favorite has been the New York Times’ 2009 Year in Photos, which offers a mix of freelancers, staffers, and wire reporting broken down in a month-by-month timeline. There are many well-known pictures in the NYT’s presentation, as well as some undiscovered gems worth seeing.

BAGnewsNotes - Best of the BAG Decade

Also not to be missed is a recap of BAGnewsNotes’ decade of blogging about visual politics and journalism. The site is one of my favorites, and their end-of-the-decade rundown of the archive is essential reading. Check out Best of the BAG Decade: Contributors & Friends, Pt. I; Contributors & Friends, Pt. II (in which Matt’s coverage of the Obama inauguration gets a nod); Heavies & Heroes, Pt. I; BAG Looks at the Iraq War; and The Origins of BAG. There will likely be more decade- and year-end wrap-up at the BAG, so tune your browsers and RSS readers over there.

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    Looking back on what happened to the world’s economy and the rest, it had been a tough one. I wish the coming year will be a more positive one!

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