Oeil Public to file for bankruptcy

Oeil Public

D ernière victime de la crise des agences de presse photographiques, L’Œil public déposera le bilan en janvier 2010.” – Le Monde, Dec. 23, 2009 (google translation)

There’s sad news this holiday season. Oeil Public, a small and very interesting French collective photo agency, will file for bankruptcy in January 2010 (original French). The reasons are familiar: declining assignments, declining fees, shrinking space for photography in print, etc. It’s sad to see this one go. The collective showed much promise over the past decade and had a great roster of photographers. Thoughts of a Bohemian has some analysis.

Be sure to check out Oeil Public’s 2009 Photos of the Year.

(via Thoughts of a Bohemian)

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  1. Matt Lutton

    Very sad, disappointing news. Best of luck to these photographers where they end up next

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