Good design (and photos) can save a newspaper

Newspapers are dying for a few reasons. Readers don’t want to pay for yesterday’s news, and advertisers follow them. Your iPhone, your laptop is muc more handy than the New York Times on Sunday. …. It’s enough to bury any industry. So, should we rather ask, “Can anything save newspapers?”…We started to redesign [newspapers]…I wanted to make posters, not newspapers….Design can turn your company upside down.” –Jacek Utko on newspaper design

Recent news in the decline of newspapers and magazines reminded me of the above video of Jacek Utko explaining his successes in reinvigorating European newspapers through design. By radically transforming the visual culture of newspapers in Poland, Estonia, Russia, and elsewhere, the newspapers’ circulations jumped between 30 and 100 percent. In Russia, circulation jumped 29%, in Poland 35%, a Bulgarian newspaper saw a 100% jump in circulation just after a visual redesign.

2 Responses to “Good design (and photos) can save a newspaper”

  1. joe

    the design in the newspapers in Scandinavia is cutting edge with the best use of photos i have seen in papers.

    • M. Scott Brauer

      Thanks for the comment, Joe. I’d love to see some examples if you have some links to share. Either in a comment or send an email. Love looking at well-designed print.

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