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Nick Turpin‘s (blog) new magazine, Publication, has just published its first issue. It’s a biannual journal of and about street photography. The initial issue, with the theme “Inspiration”, features essays by Michael David Murphy, David Gibson, Hin Chua and Nick Turpin and the work of photographers including Joel Meyerowitz, Tod Papageorge, Martin Kollar, Trent Parke, Roger Mayne, and others. From announcement to publication, the creation has taken a little over 6 months. The first issue is now available for order.

Photochart (detail) - Nick Turpin

Not to be missed: Be sure to check out Nick Turpin’s chart of photography, classifying photographers between the three poles of photojournalism, fine art, and street photography. It was created after spending a couple months reviewing work for Publication. I’m especially excited about this chart because it views the genres of photography not separate and exclusive of one another but instead as an easily traversable continuum. The notable exception is photographs as documents, as opposed to “documentary photography.” Mugshots, Abu Ghraib, commemorative lynching postcards, crime scene photography, and the like have no place on this chart. Of course, the chart should be viewed as a description of photography and photographers who intentionally present their work to an audience, but any taxonomy of photography needs to include document photographs. (And fine Art Photography really needs a new name. To me, “fine art” always calls to mind cheesy nudes, bad pictures of waterfalls, and the rest of that sort of dreck.)

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