Worth a look: A Developing Story

A Developing Story

A Developing Story brings together and promotes multimedia from and about the developing world. From professionally produced campaign work, to user-generated Flickr photosets, podcasts and written testimony, the site is designed to help these stories reach new audiences as well as creating, over time, a categorised archive for those working in international development to use for reference and inspiration.” –A Developing Story

From the people who brought you duckrabbit comes a new project aimed at sharing and discussing photography and coverage of NGOs and the developing world. A Developing Story looks to be a promising source of advocacy photojournalism and concerned photography and otherwise humanitarian-focused work. While I can’t abide the relentless promotion of Creative Commons licensing for photography funded and produced by governments and NGOs, especially if such organizations are to become the predominant backers of documentary photography (perhaps a rights managed repository of such photography, allowing centralized and easy licensing of the work would create a more sustainable model for the continued support of the work than Creative Commons), I’m impressed by the ambition and scope of the website. I’ll be checking in regularly.

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  1. duckrabbit

    Thanks for this Matt. I agree we need to protect the rights of photographers as artists. Sadly the arguments for this have largely been made around finance rather than for editorial reasons which leaves a lot of people cold. When you’ve thought this through maybe you could write a model that we can post on adevelopingstory. It would be great to have your thoughts on this.

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  4. johnny

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for posting about A Developing Story. I’m one of the cofounders of the site (I built and designed the site). When we talk about the use of Creative Commons we’re really talking about work that’s used ‘in the field’ (not a good term, but we couldn’t find a better one), i.e. health campaigns, and the like, not the externally facing awareness raising material we currently aggregate on the site.

    In addition we support the use of more content in development work which we believe is a more effective way at reaching audiences than the old advertising model.

    But thanks for the feedback, I think we need to take a look at how we explain this a bit more cogently.

    • M. Scott Brauer

      That’s a bit more clear, Johnny. Thanks for the clarification. The spirit of Creative Commons is a good one, but I can’t see the bridge between here and there as a means of funding photography. Anything that allows for a more free distribution of information (visual or otherwise) in the field, to those receiving development aid, is an admirable goal.

      My biggest worry with Creative Commons is that it removes compensation to the creator without affecting anyone else. Take that debacle a while back when a New York Times blogger suggested flickr was full of free art that anyone can download, print, and hang on a wall to decorate one’s house. Flickr gets paid (for hosting or advertising), the paper maker gets paid, the frame maker gets paid, etc., but Creative Commons has made it so the photographer doesn’t get any compensation.

      As regards NGOs, I’m particularly suspicious of NGOs full of paid staff with a multinational marketing effort looking for CC-licensed or donated photography.

      Keep doing what you’re doing with A Developing Story, though. Definitely love what you’ve got started.

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