World War II Aerials and Sophie Ristelhueber

More in the realm of newly discovered images of war, Photography Prison (Pete Brook’s photo-centric blog) links to a Guardian feature with newly declassified aerial imagery from World War Two. They’re fascinating.
Be sure to visit the Aerial Reconnaissance Archive itself for access to millions of images, which are brilliantly linked to Google maps and tagged with geographic coordinates.
Many of these pictures are beautiful “document photography” versions (which Scott got me thinking about) of what photographer Sophie Ristelhueber has attempted with her work, namely documenting the physical scars left on earth by war. I first came across her a month or two ago when she was nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, which led me to a great interview at Foto8. I cannot wait to find what seems to be a beautiful new edition of her famous and impossible-to-find book “Fait”, which is produced by the tremendous Errata Editions folks. Her work is unique and thoughtful, and an important alternate take on war photography. I’m diving in to her work and recommend the same, start with that interview.

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