Software glitch causes out of focus pictures

Google’s Android phone operating system hopes to become an open-source alternative to the likes of the iPhone and the Blackberry. Android’s rise in popularity hasn’t come without a few hitches. First, early phones ran all text input to the phone’s computer as a superuser. Writing “reboot” alone in a text message, for instance, would reboot the phone. Writing “rm -r” would completely erase everything on the phone.

Now, Engadget reports that users of Android users recently began complaining about not being able to focus the phone’s camera. Then one day, suddenly, everyone was able to focus again. Turns out it’s a date-related software glitch. Every 24.5 days, the phones will switch between being able to focus and not being able to focus. An Android developer confirmed the bug and suggests a patch will be available before Dec. 11, the next date when all of the cameraphones will stop focusing again.

I miss the days when I turned part of my lens to adjust the focus….

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