Interview with W. Eugene Smith Grant winner Lu Guang

Lu Guang - Pollution in China

Lu Guang won this year’s W. Eugene Smith Grant for Humanistic Photography with his work documenting pollution in China. The pictures are astounding. In an interview with China’s NetEase, Lu Guang discusses how he funded the project, how he found out about the subjects he photographed, and how he has built a network of people all over the country who keep him up to date with pollution in their areas. Thankfully, China Hush has a translation of the interview.

One Response to “Interview with W. Eugene Smith Grant winner Lu Guang”

  1. Dean Brousseau

    Lu Guang, your work ranks among the best, artfully made with an honest heart, I commend your efforts. There are not enough photographers possessing your standards these days.
    At this point in human evolution it is sad that greed continues to be man’s main motivating factor.
    Western society bears a large part of the blame in supporting the pollution you have documented by continuing to buy cheaply produced goods from a nation that cares so little for human life. Please continue your good work as long as you can afford to.

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