Worth a look: 100 Eyes – Bangladesh x Bangladesh

100eyes: Breaking Ships Broken Men / Saiful Huq Omi

Andy Levin continues to one-up himself with each issue of 100eyes, which is now one of the leading publishers of photojournalism online. Take, for instance, the recent issue featuring exclusively Bangladeshi photographers. We all know Munem Wasif by now, but so many of the photographers presented here, with eye-opening documentary photography, need a wider audience. Remember all that hubbub a while back about cultural diversity in the photography industry? This is one of the answers.

From the introduction:

This issue of 100eyes shows a country as seen through the eyes of its own photographers. There is nothing remarkable about that, except in this case the country is one of the poorest nations in the world, known for being a subject for photojournalism rather than as a provider of photojournalists. Photographers flew into Bangadesh from New York, Paris, or London, that is, when they weren’t headed for nearby India. Photographers will still be flying to Bangladesh, including myself hopefully, but we won’t be alone.”

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