Update: More on Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier - in color

How many other Vivian Maiers are still out there undiscovered?” -Blake Andrews in “The Flame of Recognition”

Vivian Maier (previously) continues to intrigue. John Maloof’s thread on Flickr’s Hardcore Street Photography has uncovered some hidden details (Maier was likely a Jewish refugee from France) and some color photography found at the same auction. Most interesting in the discussion, Blake Andrews wonders aloud how many other Vivian Maiers are out there waiting to be discovered, touching on the importance of gatekeepers and discovers who champion unknown photographers’ work.

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  1. tatjana

    what a good morning, what a pleasure! Thank you for this one! I love it. The photos of Vivian are great. The whole story is not only a book value. It has a documentary-film capacity. Exciting, exciting.

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