The Giving Beast: Philanthropy + Photography

The Giving Beast by the Daily Beast

Rachel Hulin‘s (blog) had a new project up her sleeves over the past couple weeks, in partnership with the Daily Beast. The Giving Beast, a partnership with Global Philanthropy Group and combining outstanding concerned photography with stories on philanthropic causes, has finally been unveiled. The site is impressive.

There’s a bit too much celebrity coverage (my usual complaint with the Daily Beast), that draws readers in. The case can be made that were it not for Oprah Winfrey‘s or Angelina Jolie‘s dogged devotion to international crises, even fewer Americans would donate to worthy causes.

The other story here, though, is the photography featured at The Giving Beast. So far, galleries feature the work of Carlos Cazalis, GMB Akash, Sarah Elliott, Suzy Allman, Will Steacy, Peter van Agtmael, Edward Burtynsky, Michael Hall, and VII’s recent coverage of violence against women in Congo. Great to see longer format work reaching a wide audience in this way.

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