Worth a Look: The Valley of Shadows

Newsweek - The Valley of Shadows - photos by Ken Light

Newsweek’s just published a brilliant and far-reaching investigation into California’s growing economic and water crises. The Valley of Shadows, a five-part series comprising wonderful photos by Ken Light, original reporting, interactive maps, and audio, is a great example of what most journalism might look like in a few years: hard-hitting visuals backed up by well-researched facts and figures in a relatively easy to navigate package. It’s exciting to see this sort of long-form journalism continuing in uncertain economic times; producing this sort of content isn’t cheap (just look at the list of names involved in the production: Photographer: Ken Light. Reporter: Katie Paul. Photo Editor: Margaret Keady. Audio Editor: Dylan Isbell. Project Editors: Mark Coatney, Kathy Jones, Carl Sullivan. And those are only the people that get listed; there’s a slew of people behind the scenes making sure all the i’s are dotted).

(via Dylan Isbell, audio editor for the package)

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