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William Vragovic - Steve Coddington and his family need your help

This is the story of one man, fighting alone against a giant insurance company, to get necessary rehabilitative care for his young wife, Marian. Please help us, Steve’s friends, save his family. None of us can give him all he needs, but a lot of us can give a teeny bit. Together, we can help.”

Seven days after asking for donations for vital medical care for his wife, St. Petersburg Times photojournalist Stephen Coddington has raised nearly US$8,000, but he still needs help. On April 1, 2008, Stephen’s wife Marian suffered a brain aneurysm. What followed was 6 months of intensive hospital care, care at one of the best rehabilitation centers in the US, and then what has become a year-long struggle against the CIGNA health insurance company. Steve has become his wife’s sole caregiver, the insurance company having denied crucial in-home nursing care and other necessary treatment; they have decided that Marian hasn’t made sufficient progress in her recovery to justify further expenditure. This is a travesty. Now, Steve is asking for help from his community and the larger worldwide community of photographers in his family’s hour of need, all trying to care for his two children and retain his newspaper job. Help Save Steve’s Family.

Each morning, Steve has to gamble – rushing the children to school, barreling through the grocery store for the day’s supplies and bolting home, praying all the while that nothing has happened to Marian in his absence. He is trying to keep his family together and happy and to meet everyone’s needs, but he’s drowning.

In addition to donations, print and book auctions (signed copy of Sam Abell’s The Life of a Photograph) are being held as a benefit for the family. Any size donation is appreciated, either via the paypal link at Save Steve’s Family or by writing a check to “Marian Coddington Trust” and sending it to:

Suntrust Bank
Attention Special Handling VA-RIC-9292
P.O. Box 27572
Richmond, VA 23261

Also, in another tale of the American health care system destroying lives, British fashion photographer Corinne Day is seriously ill and in need of urgent and expensive care in Arizona. Her agency has organized a benefit sale of a well-known picture of Day’s of Kate Moss.

(via APAD and Stellazine)

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  1. ChrisT

    Thank you so much for giving Steve’s story space on your blog. I am the author of the blog about Steve and his family. I just wanted to thank all of you who have read this message and ask you to please follow the link and read the whole blog. We really need you to make this work. Please share Steve’s story with everyone you can think of, vouch for it and get your friends and family involved. If anyone has questions, feel free to email me at We have done everything we can to be as transparent as possible so people can trust that this is a true story and these are real people. If you would like to follow the blog it is here: THANK YOU!

  2. ChrisT

    UPDATE: Because of people like you who have been willing to share Steve’s struggle with others, we have raised nearly $20,000.00 for Marian Coddington’s desperately needed therapy. We are deeply grateful for all of the support you have already given Steve and Marian.

    Our greatest hurdle has been reaching as many people as we can to help raise the money Steve needs to get Marian the intensive therapies she requires to recover as completely as possible. Marian CAN recover. She is not a vegetable. She is there, trapped in a body she cannot control. But she is in there.

    Today, a short video was released by Brave New Films that features Steve and Marian’s story. We appeal to you, once again, to help us. Please, go to the blog (, watch the video and pass it along to anyone you think might be willing to help. We are already so thankful for the hundreds of people who have gotten us this far. We just haven’t gone far enough yet. But we will. And you can count on it.

    PLEASE, tell your Facebook friends about Steve, twitter it out to all your tweeps, share it with your coworkers, but keep telling his story.

    Thank you.

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