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I’m glad to see M. Scott’s new posts, not least of which it keeps you all busy with content while I get myself back in gear to post more. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been on the road over the last few weeks photographing a number of things: in Bosnia the Srebrenica Anniversary and the famous bridge divers in Mostar and more recently new work on my project Kosovo New Born. I will have a longer post in the next week or so talking about this Kosovo work, with updates from this trip and my plans to bring it together in book form and as a feature at a popular web magazine.
The next few weeks, before a dvafoto trip to Perpignan for Visa pour l’Image (more from M Scott and I on this soon!), will be devoted to editing and producing a book dummy and continuing with the Roma Relocation project here in Belgrade.

2tourhopeidontdie_coverSpeaking of books, I just came across 2nd Tour, Hope I Don’t Die by Peter van Agtmael, just published by Photolucida through their Critical Mass portfolio review. I’ve been ambivalent about some of van Agtmael’s work in the past but this package really seems to codify an interesting perspective and photographs about our modern American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would be very interested to see this in person, do let me know if you get a copy. I’m curious how this sort of personal narrative about a larger “news” story works in book form, not least of which because I’m approaching this with my work, but also for its ability to open a possibly new medium for distributing long term documentary that is closer to what typically runs in the mainstream press than book publishing.

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  1. Tom Leininger

    Could you expand upon the ambivalence about his work? I am curious.

  2. Davin Ellicson

    Same here. Can you clarify what you mean?

  3. Matt Lutton

    guys — hard to explain, in the bits and pieces of his work that I’ve seen (primarily from this project I see now) I hadn’t seen a consistency and thread throughout. I was confused about what he was doing, what he was saying, why some images were included. It more or less snapped into focus when I saw this book and the images that were edited, along with the description/introduction.
    Hence too the specific interest in how this project was shaped into book form, it occurs to me that it may be the best medium for this project and that’s curious.. a book of contemporary, timely and cerebral war photography. Not sure if it would work for me in a more ‘expected’ magazine presentation, multimedia, gallery exhibition etc. But this is just coming from a relatively quick look through the tear sheets on the magnum site.. I reserve final judgment for when I finally see a physical copy.

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