Adam Magyar’s scanner photos

Adam Magyar - Urban Flow - detail from #54 (2006) Shanghai
Lens Culture brought my attention to Adam Magyar‘s supremely weird panoramics made with a home-made digital slit-cam, not unlike the cameras that record photo finishes at horse races. The pictures (really, minutes-long slices of time) come from Shanghai or London or Hong Kong and are both abstract and realistic at the same time. I don’t know that I could look at many imitators, but Magyar’s pictures arouse a refreshing wonderment and surprise.

(sort of in the same vein, if you’re interested, revisit Simon Hoegsberg’s “We’re All Gonna Die (2007)”)

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  1. Jim Casper

    Thanks for the thoughtful response to Adam Magyar’s work — and for the link to Simon Hoegsberg’s great project, too.


    Jim Casper, editor, Lens Culture

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  3. Art-Lover

    This artist is amazing… I found great pictures of Adam Magyar’s Stainless series in Art Days, here is the link! Enjoy! 🙂

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