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Been very busy lately and haven’t been able to give all these interesting links their own little posts so I’ll just drop them here. As always, please send us your work and interesting things you see via our emails (or facebook, twitter) and we’ll try to share them here.

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s sudden death Vanity Fair has just published an interesting piece about the paparazzi who were following Jackson at the time of his demise and their ‘special’ relationship to the star and his fans. They are the ones who took the “infamous final photograph” through the window of the ambulance. Actually, this is one of the more interesting looks at the lives and role of celebrity paparazzi photographers that I’ve seen.

Iraq 2003 (c) Ziyah Gafic
Ziyah Gafic, a young Bosnian photographer who has just joined the VII Network, has finally released his website, which is probably the only place on the web to see so many of his projects in one place. www.ziyahgafic.ba. So much great work to see, I couldn’t begin with recommendations.

Velibor Bozovic has just put a small selection of a new project that he was telling me about in Sarajevo called Stone Sleepers about “the present state of Bosnian medieval cemeteries” (via his blog). A very interesting departure from his other work, which includes shooting the pictures for his friend (and favorite author of mine) Aleksandar Hemon’s latest novel The Lazarus Project.

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, representing and highlighting the work done through their program of grants, has a very interesting blog going called Untold Stories. Of particular interest are the series of posts by Marco Vernaschi about his Pulitzer Center project Guinea Bissau. Politics, assasinations, prostitution and drugs. Heavy stuff, written and photographed beautifully.

Page from Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen's promo for The Sochi Project

We have written here in the past (and here sorta) about self publishing and “doing it yourself” (speaking of which, don’t forget! Photography Book Now competition is due July 16) and this is an interesting and promising development from self publishing wunderkind Rob Hornstra. He and a writer are using a small newsprint piece to help raise independent funds for an eventual book documenting the changes coming to Sochi, Russia before the 2014 Olympics. Check out this link for more photos of the promo and information about “The Sochi Project”. I love the boldness of the page above. (Via Bint Photobooks Blog, who also reviewed Hornstra’s book 101 Billionaires).

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    […] the whole Lazarus Project set on his website and the Stone Sleepers project which we’ve previously written about on dva. Word is that he is traveling to Russia at the moment, I hope for some nice new secret project. […]

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