Srebrenica Anniversary and other Travels

Potocari memorial gravesite, May 2007. (c) Matt Lutton

This weekend will be the fourteenth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia. I will be there to continue my documentation of the Srebrenica memorial as part of my larger body of work about modern Bosnia called “This Time Tomorrow”.

View of Srebrenica's hills from the Dutch officers quarters in Potocari in May 2007. (c) Matt Lutton

I’ll be on the road for the next few weeks while reporting in Bosnia (as part of “This Time Tomorrow”) and in Kosovo for my ongoing project “Kosovo New Born”. You can reach me via my general cell number +381 065 678 5316 (Serbia) but at times I will be on +387 066 141 432 (Bosnia) and +377 049 132 953 (Kosovo) as well as my email luttonm (at) gmail. I look forward to posting my work here in the future, as well as other links and pictures I find along the way, though my posting will likely slow over the coming weeks. Srećan put.

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  1. samira budic

    this is sad l was born in bosina and l was part of that war

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